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Bamboo Man, It's all bamboo. Natural bamboos, metal bamboos, bamboo musical instruments, bamboo cds recorded using bamboo instruments or incorporating bamboos, bamboo utilizations in many ways from gazebo to small utensils. You can find it here and thanks to your continuous support and patronage of our site our list just keeps on growing.


Featured Bamboomusic CD.

Golden Melody Panflute music

How to Play Kingflute .


The worlds smallest bamboo flute that can be played and produce musical sounds.


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Did You Know?

That Persian monks carried their smuggled silkworms to the west by concealing them in their bamboo staffs.


GO Green!

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, some can grow up to 3 feet a day. It absorbs greenhouse gases during growth and provides 5 times more oxygen than the equivalent surface area of trees. Also, Bamboo does not require fertilizer. If cared for, planted and used properly it can do wonders to Earth and all of us, like how it help and sustained lives in so many ways and in so many parts of the world for thousands of years.

Bamboo Invasiveness and Control Statement
By The American Bamboo Society


American Bamboo Society

The American Bamboo Society accepts membership and they have various chapters all over America. A great organization dedicated for promoting the beauty and utility of bamboo.

Ten Reasons to Like Bamboo:

• Lush green evokes tropical settings and meditative refuge
• Fast growing plants quickly create a privacy screen
• Once established, it is drought-resistant, deer-resistant and tolerant of pollutants
• Attractive to nesting birds
• Many are evergreen species that offer year-round interest and windbreaks
• Rhizome roots stop bank erosion
• Towering stems create groves and make for a sheltered setting
• Guzzles greenhouse gases and releases 35% more oxygen than native trees
• Makes edible, yummy shoots
• A renewable resource that can be harvested for lots of uses.

Source: American Bamboo Society

Bamboo Organ

The first bamboo organ in the world. This is a really unique instrument that has so much history attached to it. Constructed between 1787 and 1819, the pipes of this organ are made of bamboos.

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The Bamboo Organ Foundation Inc.

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colored king flutes
Great Gift Idea for your little or big musicians.

Colored Kingflutes

Kingflute Panflute

"Kingflute Panflute plays well. I highly recommend it for beginners and professionals.
Tone quality, intonation, and workmanship is excellent.

Greg White Hunt
Composer,Bamboo Musician
Bamboo Alchemy Instruments

Bamboo Info:

Natural Bamboos

Useful natural bamboo products handcrafted and made to perfection.

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metal bamboo base

Metal Bamboos

The beauty and elegance of bamboo captured on these "Kawayan collections."

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What is Bamboo?

Bamboo belongs to the family of grasses. Most Bamboos are treelike and shrubby grasses with woody stems.

You can find Bamboos in tropical and subtropical to mild temperate regions, the largest concentrations of Bamboos and Bamboo species are in Southeast Asia and on islands of Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Presently there are 115 Bamboo genera and 1020 to 1070 species all over the world. The body of Bamboo is called “culms” they are mostly hollow but some are not. The rhizomes serves as the roots of Bamboos. There are Bamboo rhizomes that have clump formations and there are running rhizomes.

In simple terms clump forming rhizomes starts in one spot then grows outward in circle like formations of Bamboos. The running rhizomes starts in one spot then extends horizontally, along that horizontal rhizomes Bamboo shoots will come out and form lines of Bamboos.

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This Papaya and Bamboo potpourri smells and looks great. The fragrance is so refreshing it's a combination of papaya, kiwi and ginger.


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