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King of the pan flute and other favorites.

Gheorghe Zamfir born in Romania and known all over the world as one of the best Panflute player. He uses bamboo, wood and reed panflutes in his performances. Some of the musical renditions on his Cds were made using wood panflutes but alot were performed using bamboo panflutes. The name Gheorghe Zamfir became so popular because of his numerous TV appearances, concerts and movie theme songs using his performances as background music. Listen and be amazed how he mastered the art of playing panflutes.


King Of The Pan Flute

1.Goodbye Doina, For A Friend

2. The Skylark

3. Breton Suite

4. Children's Melody

5.The Guardians

6. The Forest Green

7.George, Watch The Cows

8. Si, Re, Do

9.Suite Of The Pyrenees

10.The Dance Of Biquette




14. A Mezzu Mare

15. Tabours De Guerre



Format: Compact Disc

Label: Legacy International

Price: $9.97





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Zamfir Panflute CD