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The “Pangkat Kawayan” otherwise known as the “Singing Bamboos”of the Philippines ” is a unique orchestra that draws music from unconventional bamboo instruments. This orchestra is composed of musically – talented students from the elementary schools of Quezon City and Manila whose ages range from 8 to 19 years.

The group's musical instruments, numbering more than a hundred are made of six genera of the versatile bamboo in various sizes, shapes and designs. Include the bamboo tube or “bumbong,” the bamboo marimba or” “talungating,” the bamboo piano or “tipangklung,” the bamboo flute or “tulali,” the bamboo knockers or “kalatok,” and the bamboo musiscal rattles, the Philippine “angklung”. Completing the bamboo assortments are the drums, cymbals gong andtriangle.

This particular CD is one of their original performances and first recording of the group. All of the members were stll on their elementary schools at that time.


Old Performances of the group.

1. Leron Leron Sinta   

2.O Ilaw

3.Magtanim Ay Di Biro

4.Bahay Kubo

5. Chopsticks

6. Skater Waltz

7. Itik Itik

8. Pamulinawen

9. Atin Cu Pung Singsing


11.Estudiatina Waltz

12.Hungarian Dance No.5




Format: Compact Disc

Bamboo CD Old Performances of the original Pangkat Kawayan The singing bamboos of the Philippines.

Label : Villar Records

Price: $ 9.95




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Pangkat Kawayan CD