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Indian Soul Vol. 1
Instrumental Songs of the Native American

An excellent collection of Native American Music performed using bamboo flute, charangos, pan pipes, guitar bass, drums, synthetizer, piano & keyboards. This is one of the CDs of Tupac Peralta, a well known multiplayer that performs a variety of Andes instruments as well as contemporary music such as jazz, latin, classic and international repertory music. Tupac Peralta is a well known musician who have travelled and performed in Europe, Asia and some other parts of the world.

Indian Soul Native American CD

Indian Soul vol. 1

1. Trail of Our Ancestors
(Native traditional)

2. White Buffalo                    

3. Flying Condor                    

4. Kara-Kondie (Indian Soul)
(tupac peralta)

5. Sonqoyman

6. Tranquility (d.r.)

7. Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity
(native traditional)

8. Rainbow Canyon (d.r.)

9. Chant of the Sun of God
(kyle littlefeather)

10. Serenade to Mother        
Earth (d.r.)

11. Praise the Sun God          
(tupac perlta)

12. Conquest of Paradise      

Format: Compact Disc

Label:Music Tupac Group

Price: $ 12.95



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