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This is acollection of original tone poems inspired by nature, featuring the composer's handcrafted bamboo flutes and panpipes. Ancient peoples perceived music as a natural healing phenomenon. Perfect musical intervals and counterpoint coupled with the ethereal sounds of the Bamboo Flute take us on a relaxing, healing inner journey.



By: Greg White Hunt

1. Ayla

2.   Amanita Sunrise       

3. Smoky Mountain Stream

4. Soul Vine                    

5. The Andes

6. Red Clay Spring

7. Song Without Words

8.Sands pf Time

9. Tropical Pan

10.Flight of the Condor

11. Bamboo Sax Beach

12. China Moon

13. Cloud Forest

14. Tropical Journey        

15. Ocean Pan

16. Blue Bamboo Blues

17. Spring Rain

18. Panda Dance             

19. Koi Pond

20. Asian Sky

21. Water Fairy Sprite

22. All Is Well                   



Format: Compact Disc

Bamboo CD by Greg Whte Hunt; Experience true relaxation with this cd. This is also an excellent meditation music.

Label: Bamboo Alchemy Instruments

Price: $14.95





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