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Golden Melody " Natural yellow "

The Best Music of Panflute vol 5.. Performed by Tupac Peralta Loving of The Sounds of Winds. Mostly mellow music performed using bamboo as the lead instrument. What made this recording so pupular as a relaxation background music is that, the music that is coming out of bamboo,and it's sound is so unique and calming. Of course, the talent of Tupac Peralta is so obvious in every performance here using these wind instruments. Listen and be amazed.


Golden Melody " Natural Yellow "

1. Hotel California (The Eagles)

2. El Condor Pasa (A. Robles)

3. Amazing Grace (D/R)

4. Romance Anonimo (D/R)  

5. Love Story (F. Lai/C. Sigman)

6. Ebony and Ivory               
    (Mc Cartney)

7. The Mission (E. Morricone)

8.Black Magic Woman (C. Santana)

9. And I Love Her (Lennon/McCartney)

10. I As It Is (JL Perales)

11. Dreaming (Schumann)

12. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (E.John)

13. What A Wonderful World  
       (GD Weiss/Thiete)

14. Song Of Joy ( Beethoven)

15. Manana De Carnaval (L Bonfa)


Format: Compact Disc

Label: Music Tupac

Price: $14.95 $12.50




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