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The Bamboo Organ & Brass

Theo Mertens, Carlos Martens, Armando Salarza & Gerardo Fajardo

Bamboo Organ concert with brass instrument.


The Bamboo Organ & Brass

1. William Boyce -                
Trumpet Voluntary

-- Joan- Baptiste Loeillet - Concerto in D

2. adagio

3. allegro                               

4. grave


6. Anselmo Viola -                  
Sonata de Octavo Tono

7. Joseph Fioco - allegro        

8. Georg Friedrich Haendel - Aria Amadigi

9.Franz Schubert - Preghiera 

10. Cesar Franck - Panis Angelicus

11. John Stanley - Voluntary

12. George Friedrich Haendel - Sonata VI allegro

--. George Friedrich Haendel- Concerto in f-minor



15. Domenico Zipoli - Canzona


17. Allemanda

18. Corrente

19. Gavotta

20. Wolfang Amadeus Mozart
Organ Piece for a Mechanical


Format: Compact Disc

Bamboo Organ & Brass (Concert)

Label: Viennola - Austria

Recording Engineer: Joseph kamykowski
arranger: Theo Kertens
Bamboo Organ Foundation Inc., Manila

Price: $18.95




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