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Agua Clara

This group travels alot and performs all over the USA and some parts of Latin America. They use traditional and modern Andean instruments like 'Zampona" Bamboo panflutes and "Quena" they also have drums and guitars that makes their performances so unique, hear it and you will experience the modern uses of traditional Andean bamboo instruments.


Agua Clara vol .4

1. El Dorado (The Golden)

2. Nostalgia Del Pira
   (Nostalgy of Pirai )    

3.Mujeres Y Ninos
(Women & Children )    
4.Camba Cusa

5. Contraste (Contrast)

6.Nadie Sabe (Nobody Knows)

7.Puma Pongo (The Panthers Door)

8.Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun)

9.Muchacha de Ojos Tristes
   (Sad Eyed Girl)



Format: Compact Disc

Agua Clara Vol.4, Bamboo CD

Label: Agua Clara Productions

Price: $14.95



Agua clara CD Agua clara CD


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