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Indonesian Bamboo Music, this is the first of a series of angklung CDs that they have . Each bamboo rattles or angklung produces only one note. The music is produced by shaking it sideways, it sounds easy but you have to develop the skills of timing to be able to compose a musical performance. Their performances were accompanied by marimba.


Vol. 1

1. Lgm. Bengawan Solo

2. Jali - Jali

3.Besame Mucho    

4. Kr. Kemayoran   

5. Lgm. Gado Gado Jakarta

6. Warung Pojok

7. Kr. Bandar Jakarta

8. Rayuan Pulau Kelapa

9. Hallo - Hallo Bandung

10. Soleram

11.Ayo Mama

12.Lgm. Pulau Bali

13. Lgm. Mengapa Menangis

14. Butet

15. Vaya Con Dios


Format: Compact Disc

Label: GNP

Price: $ 18.95







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