The amount of products that you can create using bamboo is enormous. In Asia, people use it for almost everything. From cooking utensils to furnitures and house decorations, name it and in some point in time they have tried to recreate it using bamboos. Bamboo creations and creativity is free flowing. Bamboo creations will always come out because of its natural beauty and inherent quality to amaze people and artist.

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Golden Melody Panflute music

How to Play Kingflute .


The worlds smallest bamboo flute that can be played and produce musical sounds.


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Wind Chime Habagat

Price: $12.95

Harp Chime Tranquility

Price: $14.95


Bamboo & Capiz
shell coasters.

Price:$ 5.95

Bamboo glass
serving tray.

Price: $14.95


Bamboo Goody Basket

Price: $24.95

Bamboo Goody Basket w/ beads

Price: $ 22.50

Bamboo Goody Basket w/ stiks

Price: $ 22.50

Bamboo woven

Price: $28.00

Bamboo Stick Tray

Price: $12.95

Bamboo utensils

Price: $ 12.95


Bamboo House

Price: $ 38.00


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