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In a very fast paced life it's always a relief to know that the wonders of nature is always there to comfort us. The mountains, forest and the white sandy beaches, gives us the much needed relaxations and peace of mind. It could be the reason why we have so many creations harnessing the nature's beauty and it's products. Perhaps, little things made out of natural products like bamboo reminds us that we have to slow down sometimes, for us to move ahead of the pack. That's why we have plenty of "Bamboo Creations."

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Featured Bamboomusic CD.

Golden Melody Panflute music

How to Play Kingflute .


The worlds smallest bamboo flute that can be played and produce musical sounds.


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Papaya & Bamboo Poutpouri By Scentations

Papaya & Bamboo Decorative Home Fragrance by "Scentations"





Papaya & Bamboo clear box
Papaya & Bamboo by Scentations
Clear box
Bamboo Papaya cube by Scentations
Papaya & Bamboo by Scentations
Botanical candle
Bamboo papaya by scentations large
Papaya & Bamboo by Scentations
Large potpourri

gift set
Papaya & Bamboo by Scentations
Gift Set

Bamboo shoot clay pots
Bamboo Shoot
Clay pots

Bmaboo placemats
Bamboo Placemats

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