The melodies coming out of a natural bamboo is so enticing, that one would compare it to birds singing in the middle of the forest. Nature lovers adore bamboo's unique and calming ability to sooth and relax a tired mind, body and soul. Some use it as meditation music for yoga and many more. If you are a nature lover you will surely love, bamboo music.

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The worlds smallest bamboo flute that can be played and produce musical sounds.


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KingfluteBamboo flutes are common all over the world. There is the famous “Shakuhachi” of Japan , the “Quenas” or "Kenas" of Peru , the Philippine “Tulali”, Bansuri of India, Chinese Dizi and D'Tzu flutes and many more. Other countries have their own version of bamboo flute too from, Thailand , Vietnam , Mexico, Brazil and Europe . Most of these bamboo flutes originated from natives who use it as part of their celebrations and religious festivities. Passed on from generation to generation it developed in to one of the most famous bamboo instruments available to everybody.

One of the bamboo flutes that is now gaining popularity in Asia and some parts of the world is the Kingflute. This award winning bamboo flute is one of the best that one can have because of it's ease of use and the quality of sound that it can produce. Professionally tuned, completely handcrafted and individually checked for quality of workmanship. These bamboo flutes will pass even the hard to please bamboo musicians, bamboo collectors and even first time flute player. If you know how to use a recorder you can easily learn how to use it. It can make beautiful sounds and is capable of playing musical compositions from pop to classical - a real wonder.

Kingflute is different it is more versatile than any bamboo flute ever designed. These bamboo flute comes in three models; A 10-inch flute in the natural standard key of C; a 14-inch model in key of B flat and an 18-inch flute in key of G.

Kingflute and it's inventor Dante Ursua won official recognitions because of it's high quality and innovations which is a truly well deserved recognition for this kind of bamboo flute.

Another award winning bamboo instrument is their “Panflute.” This bamboo instrument can produce a very tranquil and spirit- lifting melody and music in the midst of urban and modern noise.

Bamboo flute by Kingflute, this small piece of bamboo instrument cannot even boast of high-tech features and yet it embodies the spirit of creativity using bamboo.

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