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Nature lovers adore bamboo's unique and calming ability to sooth and relax tired mind, body and soul. But bamboomusic is for everybody, listen to it and you will discover why. Listen to performances using or incorporating bamboo instruments, the nature's best musical instrument and you will surely love, bamboo music.


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Golden Melody Panflute music

How to Play Kingflute .


The worlds smallest bamboo flute that can be played and produce musical sounds.


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Bamboo Instruments

Pangkat KawayanPangkat Kawayan Orchestra
ThePangkat Kawayan” otherwise known as the “Singing Bamboos”of the Philippines ” is a unique orchestra that draws music from unconventional bamboo instruments. This orchestra is composed of musically – talented students from the elementary schools of Quezon City and Manila whose ages range from 8 to 19 years.



Kingflute and it's Productions

Bamboo flutes is common all over the world. There is the famous “shakuhachi” of Japan , the “Quenas” of Peru , the Philippine “Tulali” and so many more. Other countries have their own version of bamboo flute too from China , Thailand , Vietnam , Mexico and Europe .

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Shakuhachi, Queña, Bamboo Flute, Panflute, Bansuri, DiZi , Native American Bamboo Flute, Pangkat Kawayan, Zampoña Music available on CDs & Tapes.


Bamboo Instruments

Bamboo Instruments

Bamboo Flute, Panflute, Angklung, Queña, Tulali, Bamboo Instruments on sale.


Bamboomusic Sample Sounds

Sample Bamboomusic

The melodies coming out of a natural bamboo is so enticing, listen and enjoy the musical sounds of bamboo.

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