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Try playing a bamboo musical instrument, and after a while you too will be amazed at the sounds and rhythm that it can produce.

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     This bamboo flute is gaining popularity in Asia for it's convenience and ease of use. If you know how to play a recorder, no question about it, you will know how to play this bamboo flute. The difference is the sound that is coming out of this flute. Since, it is made of natural bamboo and not plastic material, the music coming out of this instrument is more mellow and enjoyable to the listeners ears.This instrument will not only give your audience a pleasurable musical experience but also an opportunity to actually listen to a performance using a natural bamboo musical instrument.




Descriptions: KingFlute Side Blown Key of Bb

· Professionally tuned for your audience's listening pleasure, varnished for beauty and durability, then designed to please your eyes.

Price: $ 26.00




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