The BAMBOO and the Farmer.

The magical story of love for bamboo and self sacrifice so others may live.
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The Bamboo Tree and the Farmer
By. Victor Toledo

Long time ago in a farm, there was a beautiful bamboo tree right in front of a farmer's house. This bamboo tree is so pretty that it became an attraction in their town. So many people admired Its natural beauty and It's elegance even the way it swings every time the wind blows. The farmer who owns this bamboo so loved him that he wanted to preserve and just let him live his life. But one day out of desperation he had decided to cut the bamboo tree. So he talk to the bamboo tree and explained that he has to make use of him and it's necessary to cut him. He told the bamboo tree that he loved him so much but even though it hurts he has to do it. The bamboo replied, "I my self , am surprised too, why I'm the only one standing here. Others are long gone, I've seen you cut them and used them to build houses, fences fisherman's tools' even bed at one time. I know I'm ready if you need me too." So the farmer cut his beloved bamboo tree. After a while the farmer said to the bamboo tree I need to remove your branches and leaves too. The bamboo replied in agony," do you really have to do that? I'm already in pain now you have to break my branches and even remove my leaves too?

After cutting and cleaning the bamboo the farmer said to the bamboo I have to remove your head and split your body in half. The bamboo replied," I respect your decision please do what you think is necessary."

After the cutting and some more cleaning and preparations, the farmer brought the bamboo to the highest part of his farm, there he used the bamboo as an irrigation pipe to bring water to the low lying portion of the farm unreacheable by water before.

After several months, the water that flowed from the bamboo pipe gave life and produce abundance to the farm and the people of the town.

Then the bamboo realized his purpose and he was so happy, he serve his life so that others may live.

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