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Golden Melody Panflute music

How to Play Kingflute .


The worlds smallest bamboo flute that can be played and produce musical sounds.


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Our purpose for this site is to have a dedicated place for Bamboo enthusiast, lovers, and bamboo admirers. Bambooman.com is a place were you can see the different uses of bamboo. You will be surprised with the enormity of wonderful bamboo creations all over the world and the captivating musical sounds that it can produce. So please come visit us often because we have alot of new bamboo informations that will surprise you. We our proud of our selections of Bamboomusic CDs and do our best to choose the ones were bamboos are used either as a lead instrument or background music. We have unique bamboo items every month and dont forget to book mark bambooman.com and bamboomusic.com because you never know what will surprise you.

The Author and his passion for Bamboo

I was born and raised with bamboos around me. As a child I used to live in a bamboo house. I have toys made of bamboo. My bed is made of bamboo, our garden set is made of bamboo. My mom used to cook “Labong” (bamboo shoots) for food which is particularly popular during rainy seasons in our province.

I was on second grade when we moved to the city. While on the city I was fascinated with this bamboo orchestra “Pangkat Kawayan” that has a music center across our street.

I remember listening to this bamboo orchestra practice every other afternoon and watch my sister Cora play “Bumbong” (bamboo horns). Since I was always there watching them most of the time, the conductor Mr. Toledo, gave me the chance to play bamboo bass. That's when I started to become a bamboo musician.

From second grade and until I finished college I was a member of this bamboo orchestra, I had the opportunity to perform in numerous performing arts centers and infront of head of states and top caliber people in America, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and many other countries.

Wherever I go I'll stop and admire any items made of bamboo and always appreciate the musical sounds coming out of it. Words can't describe my admiration, love and and dedication to bamboo. It is deep in my personality and I want to share it with you at least in a simple way like bambooman.com.

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